Frequently asked questions

What is an intervention?

Intervention is the process of inviting the Person of Concern (PoC) back to their integrity, back to the person they are intended to be, free from active addiction or mental health impairment. This process poses many challenges and questions including when and how to have these vital conversations, selecting treatment options, how to protect from future relapse, and how to recover a healthy family. We guide you through all these stages of recovery.

What is Structured Family Recovery®?

Structured Family Recovery™ is simple, yet so powerful. It taps into the best of families to create a cooperative approach to lasting sobriety. The cost of relapse is far too great for everyone involved. Lasting sobriety is the only acceptable goal, and families can make it happen. Togetherness creates transparency and accountability in a manner that prevents addiction from regaining control. this program creates lasting sobriety. It brings families back together, preventing relapse and promoting real recovery. Through weekly phone calls facilitated by our SFR specialist the recovery team learns how to effectively support the PoC and each other.

What is sober coaching?

Helps remove barriers to lasting recovery. Our sober coaches assist clients with assimilating a recovery lifestyle including maintaining abstinence, developing effective sober supports, setting and achieving life goals, and recovering an confident and empowered life in recovery.

What's the difference between the levels of care?